In 1995, the decision was made to itemize and describe in detail the collections that were accumulating at the Herr House so that the resulting catalog could be used as a research tool by any person interested in knowing more about the objects in the house and the written information in the Historical Library.

A grant application was submitted and awarded to purchase a Museum Archival System and a computer to store the ever-expanding collection of artifacts. A mammoth undertaking was spearheaded by President, Faye Forwood, who had up to this time kept track of all donations on a yellow tablet. She asked for any interested persons who would like to help to sort and categorize the memorabilia of the Herr family members . Two volunteers, Beth Walters and Michelle Schmitter, stepped in to work on the paper documents (or artifacts) that were uncovered in the attic of the house. Since all immediate ancestors before Amos died at the house, their treasures still remained in their original places.

Another aspect of organizing the Objects was to identify and describe the items, such as chairs and tables, etc, in detail. This task was undertaken by Faye Forwood and Eileen Johns. After many years of gathering, accepting, recording, marking, photographing, and thanking, the collection is now available to members to research the vast amount of information stored at the 1852 Herr Family Homestead.

As of 2020, most of the collected Objects and Archives are entered into the Past Perfect Museum Catalogue System. Any interested person can request information by contacting and direct your question to the Director of Collections.