Amos plaque edited

Amos Herr 1907-1987

Though no child could call him dad,

He was the best father this town had.

He taught history with a resounding voice

A respectful attitude was our choice.

His old-fashioned discipline could make you crawl

And praise from him made you feel ten feet tall

As our coach he gave his all,

We learned far more than just how to play ball.

His unique laugh filled us with glee—

Not the type of person you call low key.

Amos showed concern in a positive way,

He gave this town a place to play.

As a world traveler, he would provide

Amusing talks with every slide.

He loved his Lord and lived that way,

A gentle giant who could humbly pray.

We miss you Amos – The villagers are sad,

You’re the best father this town ever had.

– Virginia E. Bailey