A small area of the museum has been claimed as the Keeping Room or gift shop.

Items are for sale for persons of all ages to remember their visit to the 1852 Herr Family Homestead.

cookbookCook Book

This book was prepared as a fund raiser by the Amos Herr House Foundation . Inside the more than 100 page spiral bound book, along with many favorite recipes of the membership are cooking terms, a calorie counter, microwave hints, measurement substituations and a fun section called helpful hints. The book is available for purchase in Emma’s Keeping Room (gift shop). For more information, contact the foundation by phone 717-898-8822 or email at amosherr@verizon.net

signsStreet Signs

The remaining Vintage Street Signs are for sale at $20.00 each. To check for signs that are still available, email your request to the Foundation at amosherr@verizon.net.

Vintage Street signs are still available although rather limited Call 898-8822 for information.