spring houseThe stone spring house at the 1852 Herr Family Homestead was constructed over a spring on the property near the Swarr Run. It might have been built long before the house that we know today. There has been a reconstruction of the one room, one story spring house that was originally made to keep family provisions such as meats, fruit, and dairy products as cool or cooler than some refrigerators of today.

Unknown if Amos or his father, Amos made the changes to it’s appearance. The original style would have had a peaked roof covered with wooden shingles. I have been told that the roof was burned off a couple of times by hot sparks by coal fired engines on the nearby railroad. At this time the top of the spring house has a flat concrete roof. In time, since there is no issue from the all electric railroad, changes will be made to replicate the old time refrigerator. Meanwhile, stop by the area to rest and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Herr family meadow with a very small stream bubbling by.